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DRS Midwest Conference II - May 23-26, 1997


Conference group picture. Laying: Bob Hart (Ted wasn't available). Sitting (left to right): Mark Oppenheim, Troy & ReJeana Rondot, Mahoney boy, Alejandro Munoz. Kneeling (left to right): Mahoney girl (standing), Evelyn Mahoney, Joan Cook, Tom Mish, Bob Whitman, Cilla McMillan, Sid Subramanian. Standing (left to right): Tony Braun, Paul Krash, Dave Braun, Tracey Grzegorczyk, Debbie Yoshihara, Pam Thurston, Kevin Kepley, Kristen Lowe, Conrad Halling, John Mahoney, Lisa Beame, Rita Cognion, Debbie Cullison, Mike Biondo, Diane Nanney, Dean Mueller, Sue & Ed Spier.


First Annual DRS Home Brew Taste Contest: (left to right) Troy Rondot, Conrad Halling, Joan Cook.


The Braun & Biondo Aid Station: (left to right) Dave Braun, Mike Biondo.


Creator of EnviroLube Demonstrates How to Avoid Plastic Waste Products: (left to right) Kevin Kepley, Mike Biondo, Dave Braun.


Trail Run (we're all following Rita ;-) - (left to right) Jeff Polish, Dean Mueller, Alejandro Munoz, Mark Oppenheim, Rita Cognion, Sid Subramanian.


Trail Run: (left to right) Tony Braun, Sue Spier, Debbie Yoshihara.


Leader of the All-Woman Aid Station taking a well deserved break - Tracey Grzegorczyk.


Conrad Halling & Joan Cook.