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Welcome to the St. Louis Dead Runners Society. The STiLlDEADs are runners in the St. Louis metro-area who belong to a regional sublist of the (much larger) Dead Runners Society mailing list. The DRS list started simply as an inner-office group of friends who shared a passion for running where they exchanged e-mails consisting of encouragement, training ideas, plans for group runs and expressions of their joys (and dissappoints) with running. Before long, the list outgrew the office and eventually became an international running group thousands of members. But even at its increased size, it is still just a group of runners who share a love for running. In order to keep the social spirit alive and to meet with DRS members who lived close by, several sublists have been created over the years, and the STiLlDEAD list was one of the first - and most active, having hosted world and midwest conferences.

Subscribing to the STiLlDEAD email list is easy. Simply go to the following page and enter your email address and select a password for setting personal options and accessing other list features:

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